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Cootamundra is a lively and pleasant community located on the central part of South West Slopes in New South Wales. It is situated between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and has an elevation of 318m above sea level. The name of Cootamundra originated from an Aboriginal word “Gooramundra” which means “turtles”, “low-lying” or “swamp”. This place is known as the home of Cootamundra Wattle Acacia Baileyana or the “cultivated acacias”.
Century-old elm trees covering the whole avenue give warm welcome to tourists and visitors. When in Cootamundra, you will not feel like you do not belong in such a friendly atmosphere created by its people and nature. The place has well preserved memoire from its past including unique architectures, museums, arts and cultures and its natural resources.
Cootamundra is comfortably nestled within the beauty of the nature and environment accompanied by its happy and hospitable people. Its residents highly value country customs and values based in their spiritual and humanitarian sense. People in Cootamundra enjoy the peace brought about by the community and those who live within. It has a very affordable lifestyle and has a very open access to the natural beauty of the environment yet all the advantages of city living are present in terms of education, health, residential places and facilities. If you are looking for a place where life is lived that way it is meant, Cootamundra is the right community to settle in.

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