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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise on COOTAMUNDRA.TOWN ?

For Local Business from $1 per day for up to 5 Ads
(If you have a free trial it's free during that period)
The Current Pricing for Local Business Listings "5 x Smart Ads" is $50 per year with 30 days free - we plan this as this as introductory pricing - you can lock that in long term through membership subscription!

For a National Business account it's around $120 per month ( less for annual ) which unlocks broadcasting and that means you can achieve Smart Ads at under $1 per website per year!
( Use National if you have a Complex Service Geography, it allows up to 2000 Ads )

For Community Leaders it's FREE if you are sponsored by a Business account member or "Gold Coin" $2 per month or $12 per year for membership

See LIST YOUR BUSINESS for more info


If I cancel my subscription before the free trial ends is there any Charge?

No it's a Free Trial.

We use Paypal Subscriptions and this provides pretty good validation that helps keep fakers and spammers out, once you have passed that test we don't mind if you want to cancel after trialling our Smart Ads service


How does the ARN work?

The way the ARN works is different to Google Ads, we don't charge per click and make business bid for the top listings. In the ARN the longest supporters hold the best positioning and should receive more customer exposure as more members join and the ARN grows. Your Smart Ad ID contains a date stamp that moves earlier listings towards the top


Can I have a Free Trial?

When you LOGIN you will find the Subscription Menu's have Free Trial options


Can I have a 1 year Free Trial?



Will you make my Ads for me?

Yes! - First LOGIN and complete your Profile - If we see you dont make content or Ads yourself we will contact you to help



How do I advertise on COOTAMUNDRA.TOWN ?

Use LOGIN to create an account and use the menus


Can you help me make a Smart Ad?

Yes! We like to help, just make an account, choose a Subscription, then Contact us with your request


Can you send COOTAMUNDRA.TOWN visitors to my Business Web Site?

Yes your Smart Ad can do this


I am having trouble with my Graphics and Banner can you help?

Yes! We like to help, we can design or improve your graphics, If we dont contact you, just Contact us


I am having trouble making an account !!

Use the Firefox Browser on your Desktop PC
It's a Standards Compliant browser, it's Open Source ( Have you used it's amazing plug-ins? ) and in our opinion least likely to spy on your web activity

The ARN is in development, we are at Version 2.5 with good Support for Mobile - If you have Problems let us know we are constantly updating and improving the code, we love to hear about your bugs and issues and we want to help

Now is the time if you want to secure page one's and top listings for your business long term.
(We might get really popular :-)


What is the Site Key of the Websites?

This site is Cootamundra-NSW

You can find the Site Keys in the lower left corner of each ARN Site, Use this Key to target your Ads, Events or Articles on this site


Background thanks to John Goodridge (CC‑BY‑SA‑2.0)